Brights for the Girls


My girls love color and lots of it!! For the longest time I envisioned Sophie and Margot in all my favorite colors. Lots of navy , hunter green and touches of red with mixed patterns of plaid and stripes..a very east coast Nantucket look. Well lets just say my girls have their own ideas and it involves  of every color! They basically want to dress like a bowl of candy. 


I want the girls to feel good when they walk out the door so I took a different approach shopping for them than the past. 

Candy colored separated which includes dresses, cardigans, tees, leggings, and shoes.   The results were truly happy colors that can be mixed and matched which had made getting out the door a whole lots easer in the morning.  For one it has been easier putting together outfits and two they love what they are putting on aka no fights concerning clothes. It’s a win win!

This adorable sweater has made life easier, warmer and stylish. It goes with EVERYTHING!!Life on the coast is all about layering all year. 

These socks are great! Just the right amount of thickness and they wash well (don't shrink) and come in super cute color combinations. 

Love this classic polo on a little and my girls love the cheery color! 

I bought the cutest lunch bags with the girls names embroidered, on Etsy, but unfortunately they did not last but these colorful lunch bag are working out great and I did not buy matching ones! Sophie got mermaids and Margot fairies. 

Here is the list and links of what I bought

Plaid Coat (the one one above is no longer available but this one is super cute)


Strawberry Leggings 


Pink Shirt

Garden Shirt

Fairy Leggings 

Lunch Bags 

Floral Sweat Pants

Yellow Top

Fair isle Sweater 

Gingham Dress

Tee 6 Pack 

Daisy Leggings 


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