Weekend Read's & Whatnots March 4th

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 If you are looking for the the perfect shade of blue paint this article can help you find one. 

The most adorable handbag but can't decide..orange or lilac?

What to do this month in the garden. I love this article because it is broken down by region. 

This is the best foot lotion I have ever used. I love how quickly it absorbs.  

The perfect tray for the office coffee table

My favorite cozy mystery has a new season and I am finally getting around to watching it! And if you are not familiar with the genre...

For locals and those planning on traveling to the Bay Area...why have I not heard of this extraordinary Chateau restored to perfection and former glory. It's privately owned so tours are dome by lottery and only once a week. 

Thank you for stopping by! Have a lovely weekend! 


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