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Hope all are having good weekend! Yesterday, the girls had a playdate with another pair of identical twins we met last week. They hit it off and it was so so nice chatting with a twin mom. We may get the girls together again this morning and then we go to a friends house to watch some football later this afternoon. I guess it is an important is not my thing. HAHA I also really need to list a few things on Facebook Market Place. The key is to price it just right. Below are a helpful article and items I bought and loving! 

My yard is a mess because of the storm. I have lots of clean up to do and in need of some plant removal. Here a great link with "to do" list by region. 

I am obsessed with these boots and would make a beautiful additions to my " English country" look for winter. 

Are you like me and start "spring cleaning" in January? Here are two great articles to help you get declutter and do a deep clean of your home

I bought these kids knives for the girls to help in the kitchen. They have been great and the girls are way more into trying food when they are a part of the process of cooking! 

I have been shopping the winter sales and could not pass up these boots

Have the most wonderful and relaxing Sunday! 

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My mom and I in Ireland going for a Hawk walk on a rainy Fall morning. 

I don't know if you have seen the news but California has seen the wettest three weeks in 161 years. We have all been putting our rain gear to good use after it all has been sitting in the closet gathering dust for far too long. 

Now when it comes to dressing for a wet day I am drawn to classic styles that one can wear year after year and no one does rainy day attire better than the English! 

I have found many options a different price points to create your own classic rainy day look shop below! 
 The following content may contain affiliate links. When you click and shop the links, we receive a commission

 Happiest New Year friends! I am always a bit excited for the new year. A clean slate! There is something about the end of the busy holiday season when the days are not quite so busy and all the holiday decor is put away.  The days become more calm giving way to thoughts of self reflection and ambitions

I am ready for a focus on health. I do realize this is very much a cliché but I had the worst cold and flu season and I am feeling very ready to work out and eat well after four months of sickness. More time at Soulcycle and the yoga studio will be a huge priority. 
As far as eating healthy I have rejoined WW. It just works for me. It is simple, keeps me accountable and there is a big push to eat veggies and lean protein. 

Now this one is a bit personal. I want to be a better mom. I feel like I am so focused on the job of mothering that I do not enjoy the girls as much as I should. I love them with all my heart but mothering can be very hard.  The big question of course is HOW do I do this? I feel I need to give myself a few assignments rather than a big vague statement of "enjoy Margot & Sophie more". 
First, put my phone away when the girls get home from school. Give the girls my undivided attention that first hour they are home. They have missed me and they need/want my attention. 
Second, I am going to focus on the positives rather than the negatives in the way of pointing out the all little and big things the girls do well. This sounds obvious but when the girls argue all day and push back on boundaries I have set it is very easy to point out what is going wrong all day! I am really hoping this sets a more joyful tone for each day. 

My home. I would love to finish decorating our bedroom. I have many exciting project needing my attention in the main bedroom and focusing on them in 2023 is a big goal of mine! 

Style...I really want to get dressed put on real clothes that do not involve a elastic waist band.  I have fallen into the habit of wearing sweats daily and I very much want to change that! So getting up and properly getting ready for the day is on the my "to do list" this year. 

Professional goals. I feel absurd even writing "professional". This blog has always been such a hobby for me but now that the girls are getting older and I feel like I finally finding my voice I should create a space here that is more then something I do in my free an actual job! 

These are just of the few thoughts I have had in entering 2023! Do you set intentions or have resolutions for the new year? Please share below...

Happiest New Year and looking forward to sharing more here on my little slice of the internet. 


Each year I add a little to my already existing Christmas decor. My look is traditional. I have incorporated our Scottish clans tartan though out the house and now that includes the sconces which was this years project. I am so incredibly happy with the way they turned out!

I bought inexpensive chandelier shades for my sconces throughout the foyer, over my fireplace and up the staircase and covered them in Stewart Tartan. It was fairly easy to do. I would like to add I did not cover the shade at a professional level considering they would only be up one month out of the year. I simple traced the shade on its side making a pattern, cut out the fabric then used the glue gun to glue the top and bottom rim of the shade. I added a braided trim to the top and bottom to give it a finished look. 

I found a tutorial on Pinterest and you can find it here. The one I found is far more finished looking. I did not finish the edges just covered up the raw fabric edge with the braided trim. 

Below is an Idea Pin I created for Pinterest to help you create your own swag for a sconce.  

Now if you are not one to DIY this project here you can shop below! 

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