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January is the perfect time to start "spring" cleaning. To truly get your house clean it needs to be organized and this takes time so best to start early. Having a organized home is a gift! Personally, I feel at peace and I focus more eaily when I am in a organized clean space. 
Now that the holidays are over I find myself searching for things which is BEYOND frustrating and it can take me twice the time to get anything done including getting out the door in the morning. It is time to fix that! 
I am going through each room one by one and removing what does not belong. The item can be simply put in the wrong place, needs to be thrown out or donated. Below is a pdf , I put together, you can print and use in your own home. It takes you room by room with tips on what to remove from the space and how to do it in a organized fashion. Hope it helps! 
Happy cleaning!!


I know, I know we have so much to do already as parents during this time of year and thought of adding one more activity is daunting but this one is so simple, sweet and easy! 
We hosted a little Gingerbread house decorating party for the girls and friends and this little mouse was a hit. All our little friends want one! 

Our little mouse comes from the most adorable online shop owned and run by a lovely beekeeper Samatha in Nova Scotia. You can also buy her delicious honey, soaps, cookie molds online as well. It makes me so happy to share her shop being a small business owner! 

Each night the Mouse in the House comes out to play. The girls wake to find her sitting in the Christmas tree or sitting with one out the many Santa figurines. She does not get into mischief, make a mess, nor does she "watch" your child for good behavior. In the morning the girls take turns tucking her in to her back into bed because mice are nocturnal. 

 At the end of the Christmas season the girls have hypothesized that she returns to the beekeeper to help for the upcoming busy honey season. In reality I pack she and the little house I bought, with all the decor for the festive season, in the garage and we eagerly wait all year to welcome our tiny Christmas guest.

You can buy Mouse In the House here. The mouse comes in a soft brown and white. 

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A very simple way to brighten the dark days of winter is a bright cozy sweater. I love to wear my bright with more traditional winter clothing like above. I feel like my sweater reflected my happy mood that day.

 We, me and my mom, spent morning aboard the Jacobite Train , known as the Harry Potter train sometimes, in the highlands of Scotland. This was truly magically day.  Our journey began in Fort Williams, after a nights stay at the beautiful Inverlochy Castle, and ended in Mallaig before boarding a ferry to Isle of Skye. I can not say enough that if you are heading to Scotland to head north!! The countryside is not only breathtaking but the people are oh so kind! I am going feature our trip in a few more post so stay tuned! 

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Hello friends! It is November and time to plan Christmas. 
I have taken my living and formal dining rooms in a different  direction this past year and I felt it would only be appropriate to change a few items of my holiday decor to make them more sympathetic to the space. I have brightened up the rooms with bright blue and painted furniture. A very Nantucket vibe if you will. 
I have done something I never thought I would do...I bought new Christmas stocking. The old ones are a deep warmish red which no longer match the brights I have brought into into the space. I bought new ones on Mrs. Alice website. Unfortunately, she only carries one of the two styles I bought in the larger size. 

Each year I add a few new ornaments ( I really should not..I have enough for three trees) I bought this one and one that looks like our front door. Sorry I could not resist! You can get the door one with a red door or black as well. Speaking of front doors also bought the most beautiful preserved boxwood wreath. can't wait to hang it up! 

I am still going to apply Fraser tartan ribbon on the tree but I am also incorporating a few, traditionally,  summer fabrics this year. A blue gingham tablecloth, which I am making, and blue oxford striped wrapping paper.  To bring these two summery patterns seamlessly into my wintery holiday decor I am adding red. Red piping for the tablecloth and red ribbon on the gifts. 
If you want to add more brights to your holiday decor shop below! I also bought a new skirt and added a few items that I already have but love like children's books, candles for the tree and table and more! 
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