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Week eight(final) of the One Room Challenge! This was a labor of love. I am very new to the DIY world and this felt like a huge undertaking. Learning how to plumb a sink, demo tile counters and flooring, was challenging yet oh so rewarding. To be perfectly honest the room is not done. I lost two weeks of work to the kids having ear infections and spring break. I need to hang the cafe curtain, wall paper behind the washer and dryer, install drawer pulls and touch up the paint on the cabinets. 
The biggest issue is the floor. The tile underneath is not complete level and smooth and many of the vinyl tile will not stick. Most frustrating. I am very proud of the work I have done thus far and will share once it complete!

The sink and faucet makers? 
The faucet is Kohler and I bought this gorgeous drop in sink was bought on Wayfair
What color did you paint the cabinets and who makes the wall paper?
White Dove by BM. It is the most perfect neutral white and I plan on painting the kitchen and family room is this creamy white. 
Ralph Lauren. Unfortunately, it is discontinued . I found a source for RL wallpapers and fabrics that are a fraction of the price then then original price. I think I paid around twenty dollars a roll rather then the original price of one hundred in seventy! 

     What kind stone did you install for the counters and who makes the flooring?
Carrara. I really wanted the same stone my kitchen and would lend its self to the 1920's utility space I wanted to mimic. The flooring is stick and peel vinyl tiles.

Who makes this lovey pitcher, flower pot and watering can?
This beautiful pitcher , flower pot, and watering can was a gift from MacKenzie-Childs. It could not be more perfect for the space! 

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Despite not being finished I am so happy with the overall look and this chaallenge has taught me to try hard things! Can not wait to see it done and share. 



The following content may contain affiliate links. When you click and shop the links, we receive a commission

    I wish I had more to tell you at week five but the girls have been sick. Their fever lasted a week and I was solo parenting. Shaun was on a business trip. Much of my focus , as you can imagine, was on the girls then keeping up with house. 

I am excited to tell you the sink, it fits,  is in and I installed the faucet. I have run into a problem. I already had this faucet and it comes with a sprayer attachment. I need to figure out how to cap off that hose. When you turn on the water it sprays from the sprayer attachment at the base of the faucet. 

It would have been simpler if bought a faucet that did not have the sprayer attachment but I already had it and it is a very beautiful high quality fixture so I am going to use. 
Next week I plan on priming the walls and cabinets. 

Good morning! Hope all is well? I am currently nursing two six year olds, with ear infections and fevers, back to health. Hopefully the twins feel better by Monday. 
While I watch hours of Bluey I found a few fun reads and shopped a bit. 

A fun and informative article featuring the HRM King Charles' favorite flower the delphiniums. My wedding designer is featured in the article and Nathan truly gives the best gardening advice! 

These PJ's, look so cozy and beautiful, are currently sitting in my cart.

I am going to make a slipcover for a bench at the end of my bed and found this tutorial on Amanda Marie's Ottoman is adorable  (so is her blog and home) and explains her technique very clearly. 

This dress would look so beautiful with sandals on a warm day.

Thank you for stopping by!



And just like that we are at the half way point! 
The marble counter top are in and look gorgeous. We are still waiting on the sink. It should be here this coming weekend. To be honest, I would not advise one to installs the counter with out the sink. I AM NERVOUS. The the hole for the sink has been cut but, thankfully, the installer said he could come back if  need be. Fingers crossed it all works out!

I also painted the ceiling this past week, White Dove by Benjamin Moore, in a flat finish. It was a semi-gloss which most laundry rooms, bathrooms and kitchens ceilings are painted in BUT I can NOT stand the look of it! Hear me out.....The gloss paint reflects the light attracting too much attention to the ceiling. Now that it is a soft matte finish you eye is drawn to the actually light source and room its self. Now if this was a room lacking proper ventilation and air circulation I would have used spa paint which is a flat finish but acts as semigloss. Perfect for hard working spaces in your house. 
 This coming week..
~ Priming the whole space. 
~De-glossing the cabinets and painting them.
~Installing sink and faucet. 

Thank you for checking in!!

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