Local-Strawberry Picking at Swanton Berry Farm

    Last weekend we headed to Swanton Berry Farm for strawberry picking. Swanston's is about seventy miles south of San Fransisco but only about a thirty minute drive from Half Moon Bay. 

    Swanton Berry Farm is a lovely organic strawberry farm over looking the pacific ocean  right off of Highway 1 with a quaint farmstead selling homemade pies, jams, truffles, coffee, strawberry lemonade, scones and coffee. We found the staff to be friendly, helpful and happy to share their knowledge in growing and picking the fruit. 

This was a wonderful outing for the whole family! It's so important for all to understand where our food comes from and have respect for those who grow and harvest our food. Margot , who typically turns down fruit and veggies, was thrilled to pick her own fruit and eat it and honestly nothing is better then a strawberry that has completely ripped on the vine!! 

Few tips in planning your outing.
~ It can be very wind and you are right on the coast so wear layers. 
~It's a bit of a drive so we stopped for lunch on the way at Cascade Restaurant & Bar. On Sunday they serve brunch until two so keep that in mind. The food is delish and the staff is warm and friendly. 
~The farmstand is open daily 8am-7pm but U-pick is only open Saturdays & Sundays 9am-5pm at 25 Swanton Road Davenport, CA 
~The strawberries you pick at the farm are VERY fresh so need to be eaten in a day. We ate each and every one no problem! 
The girls ate them plain but I put mine in this salad and here is a recipe I created years ago a Champagne Poached Strawberry Cream Puff.

Thank you so much for stopping by! 



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