Weekend Reads & Whatnots May 1st


Image via Ina Garten Pinterest 
Happy weekend friends! Here are a few thoughts, buys and read to enjoy over a delicious cup of coffee. Have a lovely day! 

This is a very helpful article if you are interested in training a scrub to grow as a standard. 

The best kale salad ever. Its like a Caesar but guilt free! 

Bought this cute navy and blue skirt that can be worn with a button down crisp white shirt or striped blue and white tee. 

I am obsessed with Ralph Lauren the Summer Hill home collection

A great read on how to layer your skin care products written by a person with a PhD in chemistry. aka not a beauty blogger. 

It's asparagus season and I made this tasty soup last weekend. Asparagus, lemon, and parmesan? Yes, please!  I doubled the lemon. My favorite soup is Avolemono so heavy on the lemon is just right to me.



  1. The kale salad and asparagus soup recipes sound so delicious! Can’t wait to try them. Thank you for sharing. 💜


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