Garden Wear

 I have become quite passionate about my garden, and the effort and time is starting to pay off! All the flowers are starting to bloom, and many of the plants I placed in the yard last year are really starting to fill out. I am especially happy with the more formal touches I have placed throughout the garden; for example, these large terra cotta pots (which is 22 inches wide and made in Italy is only $50) with boxwood and hydrangea. I can see this arrangement from our kitchen nook, and it just puts a smile on my face looking out to it. 
Here I am wearing the perfect outfit for enjoying the garden! 

Pants- These chambray pants come in six different colors and are as comfortable as they are cute.

Top- The top I am wearing is old but this is very similar. 

Hat- I have this hat with a black band and wear it all summer, and I was most excited to see that it now comes with a blue band. 

Shoes- This is the second time I have bought these versatile sandals. I wear them ALL summer. 

Buy a half a size bigger. 


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