Spring Cleaning Step One-Declutter Your Home


January is the perfect time to start "spring" cleaning. To truly get your house clean it needs to be organized and this takes time so best to start early. Having a organized home is a gift! Personally, I feel at peace and I focus more eaily when I am in a organized clean space. 
Now that the holidays are over I find myself searching for things which is BEYOND frustrating and it can take me twice the time to get anything done including getting out the door in the morning. It is time to fix that! 
I am going through each room one by one and removing what does not belong. The item can be simply put in the wrong place, needs to be thrown out or donated. Below is a pdf , I put together, you can print and use in your own home. It takes you room by room with tips on what to remove from the space and how to do it in a organized fashion. Hope it helps! 
Happy cleaning!!


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