Spring Cleaning Step One-Declutter Your Home


January is the perfect time to start "spring" cleaning. To truly get your house clean it needs to be organized and this takes time so best to start early. Having a organized home is a gift! Personally, I feel at peace and I focus more eaily when I am in a organized clean space. 
Now that the holidays are over I find myself searching for things which is BEYOND frustrating and it can take me twice the time to get anything done including getting out the door in the morning. It is time to fix that! 
I am going through each room one by one and removing what does not belong. The item can be simply put in the wrong place, needs to be thrown out or donated. Below is a list , I put together, you can use in your own home. It takes you room by room with tips on what to remove from the space and how to do it in a organized fashion. Hope it helps! 
Happy cleaning!!

As you walk through your home ask yourself what each space is used for and therefore what actually belongs in that space.

In this first step you are removing all items from each room that either do not belong in the space or you no longer need. As you tackle each room bring a laundry basket you can place all items that no longer belong in that room...start with obvious( what is lying around) . Next start opening drawer and cabinets. Once done with that room go through the basket and decide where the item belongs and what items no longer serve a purpose.

Don’t be tempted to do a deep clean or organizing! Just focus on moving items around the house to the room/space they belong and throwing out/donating what is no longer needed.

  • Kitchen- Open every drawer and remove the random stuff! Take out dishes you no longer love or use. Toss storage containers that do not have a lid. Let go of cookbooks you don’t like and do a edit of the kitchen towels...is it time to let some of them go? Remove expired food and spices. Look under sink and remove what is not used regularly.
  • Family Room-Let go of games with missing pieces, toys your kids no longer play with or toys that should be in a play area or bedroom. Toss old remotes, magazines and the random throw blanket.
  • Bathrooms- Toss old makeup and skin products you are not going to use. Go through all your hair products and brushes and styling tools. Are there expired medications? Supplements and vitamins? ( Please look up where to dispose of old medications properly in your area. They do not belong in the trash)
  • Laundry Room (area) This room has become the default space for random things in our home. Think...what REALLY belongs in here? Try to only store what can be put away. I find if this area is tidy visually I have a easier time doing laundry.
  • Primary Bedroom- Do all the laundry and pull all the clothes away. Do you have a space to charge all your personal devices? Get that sorted and remove cords that are no longer needed.
  • Kids rooms- Do their laundry and put those clothes away. Remove toys your little do not play with and books they have our grown.
  • Closets- Assign themes to each closet and remove items that do not belong. No more random items in our closets! That includes clothes, handbags and accessories you no longer use.

Once you have removed all the items that no longer belong in your home and each space you can do a really proper organize in each room. 


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