The Mouse in the House - A Simple & Sweet Holiday Tradition


I know, I know we have so much to do already as parents during this time of year and thought of adding one more activity is daunting but this one is so simple, sweet and easy! 
We hosted a little Gingerbread house decorating party for the girls and friends and this little mouse was a hit. All our little friends want one! 

Our little mouse comes from the most adorable online shop owned and run by a lovely beekeeper Samatha in Nova Scotia. You can also buy her delicious honey, soaps, cookie molds online as well. It makes me so happy to share her shop being a small business owner! 

Each night the Mouse in the House comes out to play. The girls wake to find her sitting in the Christmas tree or sitting with one out the many Santa figurines. She does not get into mischief, make a mess, nor does she "watch" your child for good behavior. In the morning the girls take turns tucking her in to her back into bed because mice are nocturnal. 

 At the end of the Christmas season the girls have hypothesized that she returns to the beekeeper to help for the upcoming busy honey season. In reality I pack she and the little house I bought, with all the decor for the festive season, in the garage and we eagerly wait all year to welcome our tiny Christmas guest.

You can buy Mouse In the House here. The mouse comes in a soft brown and white. 

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