Weekend Read's & Whatnots November 13th

Throw | Pillow 

 Coming to you live from New York!  

A must wardrobe essential that I recently bought in black. 

Fantastic article that brakes down what you should be doing in your garden the month of November by region. I am definitely doing a whole lot of clean up and adding evergreen shrubs to "improve the architecture". I could not describe what was missing until reading this article. Architecture.

The board with all my front yard inspiration. The front yard is getting a makeover!

Placing these on either side of my front door after painting them to match the front door. 

I really love this child development specialist work. A very simply yet effective approach. She is offering a free parenting toolbox download.  

This dress is waiting for me at their flagship stone on Madison Ave. If it does not work I am thinking about this dress

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