Happy Thanksgiving friends! Here is our menu and recipes we are using tomorrow. The bird is in the brine and the following recipe Shaun has used in the past and it was the most moist/flavorful turkey I have ever eaten. Have a wonderful long holiday!

Mouth watering Turkey!
I am making the dressing today and not stuffing it in the turkey tomorrow. I know this is a controversial topic but I want to be ahead of the game! 
My mom is making these Sweet potatoes. It's a new dish for us and I am excited to try!
Brussels Sprouts...they grow at a farm we drive by daily and the girls and I having been chatting about this tasty veggie and they both said they want to try!
My sister is making a pumpkin cupcake and my mother-in-law is bringing pumpkin pie and pecan pie. I don't think she is making them from scratch so I don't have a recipe to share. 
And now that my niece is in her twenties I gave her the assignment of cranberry sauce
We have a tradition of eating potato chips and onion dip and my sis Allison is bringing that. 

I would like to add I am extremely thankful for each one of you for stopping by Sea & Sweater. This little blog is very meaningful to me and the fact you allow me to share it with you touches my heart! Cheers to you friends!


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