Pink Cherry Blossoms | Polka Dots

Hello friends!! 

Due to the ever lasting gray skies and rain, I originally wore this dress with tall black boots and a classic trench. Very cute, but the moment that sun peaked through those dark clouds and cherry blossoms lines the streets I needed to add pink! The pink loafers and bag give this dress an easy, yet pretty, vibe. 

And motherhood: I am so sleepy. Eight weeks of not sleeping more then a couple of hours at a time really can take its toll. The only way I can explain the feeling is to imagine extreme jet-lag, then care for twins. You sort of lose the sense of day vs. night. I am in a fog. With that said I am overjoyed to be a mommy, and in those moments when one of girls falls asleep on my chest, and I can feel the wight of her tiny being against me, makes all the work and sleepless nights worth it. 


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  1. Moms with kids have the busiest job in the world. Throw in the lack of sleep and I'm not sure how you do it. You rock and so does your outfit. You look amazing. I love those pink loafers, I can't wait to rock my pink Tory flats which are the same shade of pink.


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