Winter Walk in Red

Hooray!! It's a blog post, and I must say that I'm excited to get back to blogging. Being on bed rest and my feet swelling five times their normal size put a bit of a damper on my "outfit of the day". 

I am also super excited to blog as a mommy and how my choices in fashion are going to change with my new role in life: mother to identical twin girls. 
 I must say that athleisure wear could not have come at a better time. Looking super cute and fashionable in sweatpants? Yes, please!! Above is a take on the new and super wearable look. We photographed this look in about five minutes flat due to twins being squashed in the one bassinet and a very worried mommy freaking out that it was not warm enough out for her tiny babies. With that said we forgot to photograph the back of this sweater. It buttons up the back which is super cute so I bought it in a pale pink as well. 

Hope you enjoy my first post after a long break!! Thanks for stopping by. 

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