Transitional in Black // White // Tan

Hey! Here is a great traditional look one can adjust for a cooler day by switching out the wedges for boots and throwing on a sweater or jacket. Just a little F.Y.I,  I will be wearing maternity pants moving forward but provide links to a non pregnancy pant for those of you that are not getting rounder by the minute. I really thought I would be one of those cute bloggers that could where my non maternity pants well into my pregnancy. I was wrong. For one, hello? twins. I am getting BIG and there there is the whole "I have hips/roundish back side" thing and shocking they are not shrinking as I move forward towards delivery. So there you go. 

My pregnancy is moving along beautifully. I am at 17 weeks now and our two little nuggets are growing and healthy! I am considered "high risk" because I am carrying identical twins so I see a Maternal Fetal Specialist every other week for a high resolution ultrasound which I love and then my OBGYN every four weeks. I love seeing our little miracles during our visits. They are, already, the cutest little babies ever!! 

Top Target | Jeans Maternity Target (I prefer over belly but they carry under as well) Non-Materity | Hat Similar  | Shoes Halogen | Bag Similar | Bracelets Similar | Sunglasses Tory  Burch |

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  1. Love your outfit and accessories! But the best thing about your look is that sweet, little baby belly!


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