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Oh my goodness!!  We implant our two little embryos this coming Sunday! I am very excited and nervous. I am so ready for this and so is my body. I wear three estrogen patches, get daily progesterone injections in the rear (this one actually hurts and is sore all day), blood-thinning injections, and I’m on a steroid.  On top of that, I get an IV infusion to calm my immune system, and I’m going acupuncture today.  I won’t lie.  The meds are not fun and mess with my head and body, but if it’s going to get me pregnant and keep that little Bagai growing, I am all in!  When my husband (sometimes my supportive sister, Jessica) is giving me painful progesterone, I think, “baby, baby, baby.”  It sounds silly but helps :) 

Speaking of becoming a mother these pics were taken on Mother's Day and will be the last post with my hair extensions. That's right, I had them taken out. I am much happier then I thought I would be with the shorter hair and can't wait to share my new look. 

Once the weather heats up I love to dress like I'm on vaca  (don't you??) and I think this dress does the trick. Unfortunately, this dress is no longer available but I provided a link for a couple that are just a cute. Good new- The espadrilles and bag are still very much available! 

I am writing this at 10 pm, and one of the side effects of the meds is a very drowsy girl, so I need to wrap this up.  Oh…and a crazy appetite.  I mean who eats two lunches?  I need to get a grip, put the fork down, and just walk away.  If anyone has a tip on how to control a hormone-induced day long feeding frenzy, please advise:) Okay I am going to bed now zzzzzzz.

Dress Similar Here  and Here This one is under $30! | Bag Target | Shoes Tory Burch | Hoops Lauren Ralph Lauren |

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