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Like most women I do what I can to age well. I stay hydrated, sleep and eat well, take care of my skin(SPF), and I had been using a prescription Retinol Cream for about six weeks.  I was very happy with some of the results:  smoother skin and a reduction in the area of fine lines, and I was hoping to see a lightening of dark spots, but I had to stop.  It was irritating my skin.  Not wanting to let go of the positives Retinol gave me, I asked my esthetician what I could do. 

She recommended Age Intervention Retinol Plus Face Cream by Jan Marini Skin Research.  I have been using this over the counter Retinol for about three weeks now and so far so good!  Basically, Retinol Plus is a retinol, peptide, and antioxidant all rolled into one.  I find it hydrating as well, which must be the ingredient Shea Butter working its magic. As recommend, I am only applying every other night as one needs to allow her skin to acclimate to the product and soon will start every night.  I have skin that is on the drier side, but this product, thankfully, is built for all skin types. 

I would recommend this brand of retinol and will report back after using for six months.  I only buy Jan Marini products from their site or at a Spa that actually uses the products in their treatment.  I found that it can be a hit and miss buying products such as these online and after talking to a rep from the company she confided in me there are knock offs being sold online.  Here is Jan Marini's site. Fine lines be gone!!! 


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