Bucket Bag

It seems the "must have bag" of the season is the Bucket Bag.  Usually, I gravitate towards a traditional shape, a structured handbag, but I'm drawn to (pun intended) to this Bohemian carry-all! 

Personally, I am not going to brake the bank on the current trend.  As I said, it's not a style I would  usually buy so here is a round up of this casual bag at differant price points so you can decide for yourself if this addition to your closet is going to be a investment peice.

| 1-Chicwish(under $50!!)  | 2-Marc by Marc Jacob | 3-Tory Burch|4-Ann Taylor | 5-Target(under $40) |


  1. I used to be all about the bucket bag & now it's m all about the structured bag--I'm always off when it comes to trends, I swear! These are really cute...I just don't know if I'm ready to go back to this style yet... :)

    1. As I said I would not say this style is really "me" but perhaps a bag that I buy for a look...I'm not really going to buy for the love of the bag. And structure bags are still very much of the moment! I ended up buy a bag at Target that is very modern and more of a back pack style. I am not ready to spend real money on a non-structured bag not to mention I always feel like I am digging for my stuff in a bag like this..lol!


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