Insta Weekend Aug 30-Sep 2 '13

As many of you ended your summer with a bang at BBQ's, the beach or a lake and relaxing with your favorite people, I had a nice, mellow weekend. With my husband away in Amsterdam for business (as usual), it was Arthur and I to figure out the long weekend. Arthur got a nice good scrub, much to his dismay. Seeing that my furry baby is the same weight as me, I have to get really creative to coerce him into the shower stall. Nothing else works like a dog treat that resembles a hot dog, quickly tossed in and chase after him to slam the door!! On Sunday, my sister and I (along with one of her twins) were lucky enough to attend our friend's special little man's 5th birthday. Always a great venue in the open of the Bay Area hills and surrounded by a great group of people. Monday morning, Arthur was rewarded by a nice, long early hike with his litter mate, Pixel and his mom. The boys love each other and it really wore them out. Ended Labor Day the day with a simple BBQ at my sister's house which included our parents, my sisters, brother-in-law, my twin nephews and teen niece. Right after we finished our food it started to rain! SO not the California we know and love! Although, after a few humid filled days, the cool breeze and rain were welcomed. Bring on the FALL!!!

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