photo IMG_2315_zpsce78b9b5.jpg
 photo IMG_2328_zpsacb27142.jpg
At our favorite-Senderns
 photo IMG_2353_zpsd023816d.jpg
Walking to Old Town in Aix-en Provence
 photo IMG_2363_zpsa3a74f95.jpg
 photo IMG_2368_zps70dcdfb8.jpg
A room with a view-Nice
 photo IMG_2481_zpsf2e5e00a.jpg
The amazing La Resevre in Nice
 photo IMG_2485_zps31daddb8.jpg
 photo IMG_2505_zps492c7eb5.jpg
Our Balcony in Eze at the Chateau De Chèvre D Or
 photo IMG_2508_zpsf9f75d09.jpg
A stroll through the charming Eze
 photo IMG_2563_zps6455fe8f.jpg
 photo IMG_2571_zps21305071.jpg
 photo IMG_2594_zps2f560a9b.jpg
 photo IMG_2597_zpsabe5d179.jpg
Michelin Star La Chèvre d'Or gourmet. Tragically I became so full I could not enjoy the final cheese course , they had a cart of about 20 amazing looking cheeses. So sad, must go back.
 photo IMG_2612_zps02e18451.jpg
The race track was still up from the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo, very cool. Too bad we had to drive the speed limit.
 photo IMG_2615_zpsb92c44f6.jpg
 photo IMG_2619_zpsc90b05db.jpg
Waiting for 007;)
 photo IMG_2656_zpsce548652.jpg
Camogli, Italy
 photo IMG_2690_zps388c13ee.jpg
Enjoying a glass of vin Saint Paul Vence
 photo IMG_2696_zps75663e42.jpg
 photo IMG_2725_zps41e62fff.jpg
Sand! Jaun le Pins
 photo IMG_2735_zpsf4a23dad.jpg
Farmers market in Aix-en Provence
 photo IMG_2743_zpsf57bdd66.jpg
Private wine tasting at Grand Boise. Behind me the Chateau built in 1610 and up the hill walls built by the Romans. Under my feet? Cloud 9.
 photo IMG_2744_zps22b05e47.jpg
 photo IMG_2792_zps0c416dea.jpg
A` la prochain

With our one-year wedding anniversary in a couple weeks I can’t help but reminisce about our glamorous honeymoon. I met Shaun in Paris, he was there for a conference, and we stayed through the romantic rainy weekend to dine and shop.
Next stop Aix-en Provence, Shaun had a meeting, so it was a few days really, before starting the honeymoon in Nice. Then on to my favorite stop. A weekend in Eze, France. We stayed at the fabulous Chateau De Chevre D'Or…it was so hard to leave. Shaun and I then took a little road trip along the Cote d’ Azur with a stop in Monte Carlo to lunch at the famous 'Café de Paris' to watch the luxury sport cars pull up to The Casino de Monte-Carlo. Shaun was in total guy heaven. Then, off to Italy we went. We stayed in the small, charming village of Camogli. From there we spent time in the very popular and often 'pinned' Portofino. Before heading home we spent a few days in Aix-en Provence . One of the highlights was a day trip to the winery at Grand Boise. Not only was the wine amazing, it was educational(did you know in France and other "Old World" countries they do not use irrigation in viticulture) and the views of Mount St. Victoire breath taking. So breath taking in fact, Cezanne painted this vast eye-candy over and over. I wish I could do it all again.


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