Painting a Chest of Drawers

The After
About two years ago
I bought a lovely refurbished chest of drawers off of Facebook MarketPlace. I knew nothing about it other then it looked old and I loved the design. 

    Turns out it's made by the american furniture company Kindel Grand Rapids. In researching the company I figure out the piece I bought is around sixty years old. It is very well made and can fetch a handsome price. I paid only one hundred seventy five. I found a few on Cherish, like this one which is very similar, and they sell for much much more. I am rather proud of my ability to spot a find! 

The Before

     For the the first year I kept the dresser the way I bought it. You can see it is beautiful with it's natural mahogany finish. Fast forward a year and a piano enters the room. The antique baby grand is also has natural wood finish and honestly the two wood pieces worked against the space/each other and the overall desired look I envisioned which is light and bright...think Nantucket.  It was starting to feel dark and heavy. There was no way I could paint the piano, which is a soft shade of brown, so the chest of drawer was going to get a makeover.


At first I painted it a very baby blue. It looked like it belonged in a nursery and I used regular latex semi gloss paint and it was not holding up. Back to the drawing board. I had used chalk paint on my dining table and I have to say I am very impressed with how well it holds up once you finish the piece with wax. So chalk paint it is...now to find the perfect shade of blue. If you have hesitated to use chalk paint don't. It is extremely easy to use, requires no priming and dries very fast! 

I chose a moody blue by Magnolia Home (ACE Hardware) Blue Skies and it could not be more perfect! What I love about this paint line is all the color can be make into chalk paint! I finished the dresser with two coat of wax and the front legs with gold Rub and Buff.  

I do realize  that some may find my painting this chest of crime but it was right for the room and it is far better for us economically and the world environmentally. In doing this project I got a very high quality piece of furniture for a fraction of the price....and I had fun!! 

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