Christmas Ready


Hello friends! It is November and time to plan Christmas. 
I have taken my living and formal dining rooms in a different  direction this past year and I felt it would only be appropriate to change a few items of my holiday decor to make them more sympathetic to the space. I have brightened up the rooms with bright blue and painted furniture. A very Nantucket vibe if you will. 
I have done something I never thought I would do...I bought new Christmas stocking. The old ones are a deep warmish red which no longer match the brights I have brought into into the space. I bought new ones on Mrs. Alice website. Unfortunately, she only carries one of the two styles I bought in the larger size. 

Each year I add a few new ornaments ( I really should not..I have enough for three trees) I bought this one and one that looks like our front door. Sorry I could not resist! You can get the door one with a red door or black as well. Speaking of front doors also bought the most beautiful preserved boxwood wreath. can't wait to hang it up! 

I am still going to apply Fraser tartan ribbon on the tree but I am also incorporating a few, traditionally,  summer fabrics this year. A blue gingham tablecloth, which I am making, and blue oxford striped wrapping paper.  To bring these two summery patterns seamlessly into my wintery holiday decor I am adding red. Red piping for the tablecloth and red ribbon on the gifts. 
If you want to add more brights to your holiday decor shop below! I also bought a new skirt and added a few items that I already have but love like children's books, candles for the tree and table and more! 
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