The Laundry Room- Spring 2023 One Room Challenge Week One


    Hello Friends!!! I am both excited and very nervous to share my plans to give our outdated laundry room a much needed make over. I am joining the community One Room Challenge and will sharing my weekly progress here, on Instagram and on their website for the next eight weeks on every Wednesday!

     I am thrilled to make this space not only functional (it is always so disorganized)  but pretty, as well, considering how much time I spend in the room doing my most HATED household chore laundry. I feel if the space was pretty I may not hate the task quite so much...that's what I am hoping for anyways. 

    The inspiration has been working spaces in grand estates during the 1920's...think checkered floors, glossy wood counters, creamy cabinets.  

Here is a list of what I doing with the room. Currently everything in the room is original to the house which was built in 2002. 

- Checked floors

-Wood Counter Tops


-Change Out Faucet 

- Polished Nickel Drawer Pulls

- Hang Cafe Curtian

-Style the Room (my favorite part!!)

In this next week I will be pulling out old counter tops. Cutting the new wood counters  (with the help of Shaun and his good friend that is loaning a few power tools to us) staining then sealing them. 

Wish me LUCK!!!


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