Dressing Up Sconces for the Holidays


Each year I add a little to my already existing Christmas decor. My look is traditional. I have incorporated our Scottish clans tartan though out the house and now that includes the sconces which was this years project. I am so incredibly happy with the way they turned out!

I bought inexpensive chandelier shades for my sconces throughout the foyer, over my fireplace and up the staircase and covered them in Stewart Tartan. It was fairly easy to do. I would like to add I did not cover the shade at a professional level considering they would only be up one month out of the year. I simple traced the shade on its side making a pattern, cut out the fabric then used the glue gun to glue the top and bottom rim of the shade. I added a braided trim to the top and bottom to give it a finished look. 

I found a tutorial on Pinterest and you can find it here. The one I found is far more finished looking. I did not finish the edges just covered up the raw fabric edge with the braided trim. 

Below is an Idea Pin I created for Pinterest to help you create your own swag for a sconce.  

Now if you are not one to DIY this project here you can shop below! 


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