Weekend Read's & Whatnots October 16th

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I wish I had more to report today but it has been a little uneventful around here. The girls and I are suffering from a cold. I did manage to sew pillows for the back patio. I really thought I could get those done before summer's end but life got in the way. Other then my little sewing project not much has happen. Hope you are enjoying the weekend and staying health! 

Watched the Ralph Lauren Spring 2023 show. Beautiful. Watch it here

Planted lots and lots pansies in the yard. Here is how to care for them. 

I am very tempted to buy this tartan dress on major sale. How cute would it be layered over a black turtle neck and velvet flats?

Found this dress for the girls and bought multiple colors and the girls wear it with multi colored leggings. This combination has make getting dress in the morning easy. 

I almost started watching the Netflix show "The Watcher". I am NOT a fan of scary. I really just wanted to see the gorgeous home. I found out that all the interior shots are on a set so I decided to do a little digging. Here is an interesting article on the original home which is far more modest than its TV counterpart but would be a dream home by most peoples standard. Finally, I found the Zillow listing for house used in the TV thriller and it is jaw dropping gorgeous. Totally worth the ten minutes of detective work and now I don't have to watch the show! 


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