Living Room's Fireplace Styling

Hello friends! So, like most of the decorating around the house, it has taken me a while with multiple times of restyling to finally settle on a look for the formal living room mantle. 

The biggest issue was coming to terms with that fact that mantel needed sconces. The expense basically. First, I bought candle sconces and they were the wrong style then I placed buffet lamps on the mantle but I really wanted the space to look more polished so I went ahead hired an electrician and bought the sconces. This completely changed the whole feel of the space. It instantly looked more “done”. 

I then saw this ad for bedding. I knew I needed to apply the look to my formal living room some how.

Image via Ralph Lauren

 Image via Ralph Lauren 

Granted then room I am working on is the living room but you can very easily break down what appeals to you in a photograph and apply it to any space. First figure out why you love the image then apply the colors, textures and style to the space you are working in. In this image I was drawn the use of blue and white , stripes, shirting fabric, the high polish of the nickel, deep brown traditional furniture and bright gold.


When it came to the fireplace I really wanted to just wanted to copy the mantle pictured. I layered a bright gold faux bamboo mirror with a burls wood frame. Love a mirror over the fireplace. The reflection of natural light, during the day, and it can looks so pretty if you place a lite candle in the evening on the mantle. 

    The frame was a hard find because burls wood frames can be very expensive but after searching the internet for a thousand hours I found a very inexpensive one!


I love how Ralph Lauren uses black and white photograph in spaces and I knew I needed one in mine. I found a shop on Etsy that sells fine prints of old photographs. This one, in particle, is of a yacht race taken in the late 1800’s. Perfect for my costal house.

To finish the look a little rose arrangement was needed. I found the mint julep cup at our local grocery store and ordered the roses online. Now looking at the picture I think I need a bit fuller arrangement and I am going to order more roses. I found the best faux flowers online. Their blooms are stunning and very realistic! 

Last but not least I placed two large ginger jars on the hearth to complete the look. Never enough blue and white!

I can not wait to share the full room and how I applied the above image to all the finishes. 

 Thank you for stopping by!




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