Preparing For Christmas

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 I got such a great response a few days ago when I posted, in Instagram stories , some of the items that I have purchase in preparing for Christmas I thought I put all the items in a blog post with links! 

I bought both the clip on and string flameless candles. I plan on doing a mix of the string lights, on my large artificial tree, and the clip on battery operated ones as filler. I am going to also use the clip on ones for the small table top fresh tree in my foyer. I don't have an outlet for the lights and the wires on such a small tree will look sloppy..

Here is the link for the stringed lights. I would like it noted that the string lights so not flicker they are static. 

Speaking of small table top fresh trees this is the tree stand I bought. It is simple, inexpensive and will do the job. I thought I would also share some of the items going on the tree. It has more of a theme rather than eclectic collection I place on my large tree. 

I have two sets of these beautiful miniature ginger jars for the table top tree. I bought one set last year and one this year. The set of four is under thirty compared to the set that was sold at William Sonoma for seventy five. 

I have lots and lots of these cute little clip on cardinal and I just ordered one more pack for the small tree. 

I found beautiful tartan ribbon made in the UK. I bought Frazer, as that is my clans, but Stewart is a classic choice and I also love MacGregor which is red and green. FYI this ribbon does not have a wire , which I prefer, but makes a lovely bow. 
I am VERY tempted to buy this for my family room. I recently bought a Frazer tartan wool blanket for the living room and it was only fifty. This blanket is a bit more but so gorgeous. 

I think I may finally found a wreath that us going to work for my door. The sun raises and sets in my front yard. My Christmas wreath takes a beating. This one checks all the boxes...UV resistant, formal and the right price at twenty six dollars. I am going to add my own ribbon and red berries. 

I am going to attempt to cover old clip on shade with tartan. If that does not work out or you are not feeling as ambitious these are adorable. 

As I find more items for the holidays I will add them to "Finds-Home" category that you can find at the top of the blog. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you found this useful!




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