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Hello friends! So here is a board I created for my formal sitting room. It has been a work in progress for three years, and I think I am (finally) in the home stretch! There were a few pieces of furniture that held me back from really pushing the room in the direction I wanted to go. I sold them, being two chairs, and bought three chairs that are going to lend themselves to the East Coast esthetic that I am working towards. 

Sofa- I have had this sofa for eight years. I still love an English roll arm! 

Sconces- I recently had these installed over the fireplace mantle. I am very happy with the outcome. Polished nickel is the finish I am using through out most of the house with touches of brass and gold. 

Tufted Chair - I love how this chair compliments the English roll arm sofa. It looks right in the room with out being too "matchy matchy". 

Rattan Chairs- These chairs are sold out EVERYWHERE! I found one retailer that has them in stock. I bought two. 

Coffee Table- This one is very similar to the one I found on Facebook Market place. 

Pair of Lamps- These beauties sit behind the sofa as you enter the room. I love that you can see through them so they don't close off the room too much. I decided to also choose a more sleek contemporary style to bring a bit of polish to the room since I have so many traditional pieces and antiques. 

Floral Pillows-Found these gorgeous pillows on Etsy. I was inspired by the Ralph Lauren ad, which is in the top right corner of the board, and the floral print on the pillow reminds me of the lamp pictured which will look lovely with the striped pillows I am going to make for the sofa. 

Jute Braided Rug- The braiding reminds me of sailors' knots and a coastal room would not be complete without a jute rug! I bought a very large one and planning on layering a smaller striped rug over the top. This striped rug is DREAMY!! 

Silver Tray- This would look so beautiful on the coffee table. 

Heron Pillow- I have a similar one already.

Yacht Painting- This is part of a pair of paintings and would really make a statement. 

The photo (lower right side) of the bookcase is Mark D. Sikes's work which I plan on styling in the same manner. 

Ginger Jar- The perfect accessory. 

At the moment we are finishing up the bookcases and having the room painted a bright white. Follow me on Instagram for all the updates! 


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