The White Summer Sweater


Watched, for the tenth time,  Something's Gotta Give this past weekend, and like most of us, it's a serious source of inspiration. We can all agree the house is to die for!! Now most of us can't have a house in the Hamptons but we could all emulate Erica Barry's classic summer wardrobe starting with a white sweater! 

This is white sweater I am wearing which is under thirty dollars. Just ordered it in navy with white stripes. It washes like a dream. 

I knew I could count on Ralph Lauren to include this classic sweater in his summer collection. Here is the cardigan which is perfect for throwing on once the sun sets and there is a chill. Here is the pull over for those breezy summer days.

I love the gold a white button details on the sleeves on this sweater. 

A simple and versatile sweater and under thirty dollars.

I have these sunglasses in navy, red, tortoise, and white. The are 14.95 a pair or 19.95 for two! I wear them daily. 

Now throw on your favorite pairs of jeans to create this classic look! 


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