Caring For My Girls' Curly Locks- Avoiding Knots & Tears

My girls have gorgeous curls, which I LOVE but can also can lead to lots of tears when getting ready in the morning, BUT I think I got it figured out! 

First we needed a better shampoo and conditioner. I felt the girls were old enough to drop a no-tear shampoo and conditioner so we switched to Fairy Tales Curly-Q.  It "Helps detangle unruly knots, define curls and tame frizz". I have noticed a difference. It is far more conditioning than the wash for babies. 

The no tangle spray by Fairy Tales is a great help and is a must. It does the job and does not leave a residue behind. In other words, it does not weigh the curls down.

I recommend buying a Wet Brush! This makes getting out knots far less painful. When brushing out knots, we start at the bottom of the hair and work our way up. Brushing the hair BEFORE the girls step in to a bath (wet matted hair is painful to untangle) and after has made a big difference. 
The biggest help has been braiding the girls' hair before bed. My girls do this rocking motion while laying down to self soothe which is wonderful but creates a matted mess on the back of their heads. Two braids with a part down the middle seems to do the trick! We like the no damage hair ties. 
I hope this helps. It is not very complicated but with consistent care you can start avoiding major knots and most importantly, tears! 


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