Ten Months

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I know this is not the perfect picture,   yet it perfectly captures the my little monkeys at ten months.  They are happy, silly and determined little people. With each passing day you see how incredibly alike the girls are and completely different! 

Both girls love music and acting silly, which you can see in the video below. They LOVE going to the park and spending some time flying high on the swings. Both my girls also love to laugh and think daddy is VERY funny. He is way more silly then mommy! 

Their differences, Margot is very sensitive and becomes overwhelmed by her own emotions easily. She loves meeting new people but sometimes can be moved to tears. She’s not sure of what to do for the first five minutes of a visitor and looks to mommy for reassurance but within five minute she is the flashing her pearly whites ( all two of them) and demanding the attention of the room. She is a talker!  She has lots to “say” . It’s all about the “do’s” and the “de’s”!! 

Sophie is a mini Shaun. The little wild thing can not sit still. She seems to have some quota of wiggles and kicks to meet everyday. She growls. I am not kidding!!! You can say “who’s the monster?” She will growl at you!! If Sophie sees something she wants, she becomes a little nut until she gets what she’s after. My little monster gives the best hugs! She leans in and stays there. She loves books and listen very intently to a story. 

I am currently on a little trip to Ireland and will not be home for the day they turn ten months and it kills me! I miss then so so much. Walking out my front door was incredible difficult. I know this sounds dramatic but if you are a mommy you get it! All I can say is I am vey much looking forward to coming home to my, now, ten month olds! Goodness, they are growing up way to fast.

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