9 Months & Sleep Training....again

Oh my goodness! These little ladies are nine months and Sophie woke up with her first cold:( Besides the cold let’s see what is new in Sophie’s and Margot’s world. 

First of all, both girls have two adorable bottom teeth. They look like little bunny rabbits, and having teeth has changed their baby smiles a bit.

Second, we are trying lots of new foods! The girls now have three meals a day along with their bottles. Their current favorites are scrambled eggs and cucumber. 

The third and biggest change this past month has been sleep training. I tried it in the past but it just was not fully working. The girls got pretty good, initially, at falling a sleep, but then the night waking would start and the WHOLE night would fall apart. I think my biggest problem was the internet. I searched and searched for solutions and would find different ones daily, and I was so exhausted putting me in a position of not seeing whole picture and what needs to be done. The girls naps were all over the map too. We became desperate so we hired a sleep consultant. 

I would rather not go into what her (now our) approach is because what works for us may not work for your family, but it was hard…I will say that. What motivated me to stick to it was seeing the results of a good night’s rest, and I am not taking about mom and dad although that is pretty nice too. 

The girls are SO happy with a good night’s sleep and two solid naps. They giggle, laugh, and well just seem so joyful. Our home is happy during the day. That was my motivation. Them. This is good for the girls…healthy sleep habits. The first sounds I hear each morning are happy babies. Giggling and chatting which is like music to a momma’s ears. 

Are our nights perfect? No. They are ever changing babies after all. Sophie still wakes once, usually around 2am, but quickly puts herself back to sleep with in one to two minutes and Margot wakes up really early but puts herself back to sleep after about twenty minutes of chit chat.  I feel we now have a foundation for healthy sleep habits to build on. 

The fourth and cutest change…the girls take a bath together! They  are doing such a good job sitting up, I thought they would enjoy playing in the water and they really do! I need to get them some bath toys and something that makes the transition to the big tub easy and safe.  If you have a favorite or any ideas please let me know in a comment below:)

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