Eight Months and Teething.....

My very silly girls!! 

The girls are eight months old, and to celebrate we are teething!! Yay!!!!! Kidding….teething is awful. I know, I know my children need teeth, but does the process have to be so painful? My poor girls are so uncomfortable, and with the pain comes sleepless nights and short naps.

A few things have helped during this painful process. The drool bibs have been great because the girls drool like Saint Bernards. Here is a cute collection I bought on Amazon. We also use teething toys since one can't use teething gels and tablets any more…it’s been strongly advised not to by the FDA. You can see the report here. I don't like putting the toys in the freezer, like some, because my girls don’t seem to care for them that cold. The refrigerator seems to do the job. 

What I am really loving are these cute teething necklaces that mommy wears. When I carry my girls, now they have something to chew on that is safe, and I look stylish at the same time!! Its a win win. Each necklace is made from 100% food grade organic silicone, BPA free, lead free, and has a breakaway safety clasp. Here is a cute video I made for Wolf + Cub showing off the Sara Teething Necklace!



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