Motherhood at Seven Months

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Seven months of motherhood has flown by, yet I can’t remember the days when I did not have to worry about my little bugs. My entire life, I knew I wanted to be a mother, and here I am doing it!  Somedays it hits me: “Oh my god. I am a mom. These two beautiful girls are mine.” 

Days with any new baby can be a blur, but with twins things are extra blurry.  It is so easy to think, “what’s next” and getting caught up in the “task” of motherhood. A bottle. A nap. A walk. A diaper change. Repeat. I have been trying really hard to hold on to the moment and value where the girls are at today. Live in the moment. It sounds like such a cliche but, god, it’s especially true when kids are concerned. You don’t get this time back.

Being a mommy to identical twins, I feel it’s very important to celebrate their differences and at the same time foster their very special unique twin bond and relationship. I am absolutely loving watching the girls develop their own little personalities.

Margot loves to smile with her cute little tongue out. She is an incredibly curious little girl and needs to reach out and touch everything including mine and her daddy’s face. Margot loves meeting new people and is quick to give a smile. She can’t stop rolling over but does not yet understand why she needs to be on her tummy so she becomes frustrated through out the day. I am sure she will figure out soon enough this position will lead to crawling and exploring which our Margot will love.  She loves when I give her kisses on her cheeks and belly. Margot has a hard time falling asleep but once she is out she is out!

Sophie can’t stop moving. She kicks all day long. We call her our little River Dancer! All I have to say is kick kick or wiggle wiggle and she starts moving. At home she is VERY out going but out and about she holds back the smiles a little and is more of a observer. She love books and music. When you talk to her she really listens. Sophie loves to cuddle and falls asleep pretty easily but wakes easy.

Both girls love their mommy and hang on every word. Who knew I was so interesting? We giggle all day. I am loving that, for the moment, I can be the center of their world. I know one day that this always won’t be the case so I am living in the moment and loving every minute of it. I love being their mother with my whole being. It is the hardest, most exhausting thing I have very done, but I would not trade a minute of it for the world. Seven months…where has the time gone? 

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    1. Thank you so much for the lovely compliment and following!! Yay:) Hope you had a great weekend!


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