Our Bedtime Routine

Little Miss Sophie holding sissy's hand. Melts my heart. 

Love Bug Margot

Cutie Sophie- She is teething so she looks like this most of the day. 
Honest Dipers They have the cutest prints | Triple Paste Best diaper rash cream on the market in my humble opinion | Water Wipes Great for sensitive bums | Our favorite bedtime read The going to Bed Book by
Sandra Boynton |

A HUGE part of getting the girls to sleep at night has been a bedtime routine. Our little nightly ritual gives the girls a sense of what's to come and this creates security for my little dolls. 
 When I first started this process, I was very strict about the order of each step and even made sure we were in the same space and used the same blanket to prep them for the night. You can create whatever works for your family, but this routine is ours. Now that the girls are champs at self soothing, I don't have to be quite so ridged. Sometimes, when don't I have time in the AM, we work in a bath. The whole process takes about 40 minutes. I do have double duty! 

~ We listen to spa music. I am not sure if this helps calms the girls, but it calms me, and I think if mommy is calm all is right in the world. I use Pandora on my phone.

I change their diapers. I love Honest as far as diapers go, but I have shared my love for two products that have helped tremendously concerning Margot’s diaper rash. I am sure she will appreciate my sharing this when she is a teen. She has very sensitive skin and we would battle a rash weekly. Her doctor told me to use Water Wipes and Triple Paste. Triple Paste is a game changer. I feel like I tried every product on the market, and this is the only stuff that works. I use it at every diaper change and she has not had a rash since and it’s moisturizing.   Some of the other products are very drying. Of course if your little one has issues with diaper rash please speak to a doctor. Speaking to ours really helped.

~ I put moisturizer on them. Both girls have mild eczema. We use and love CeraVe Cream. It works the best for my girls and I started using it as well. 

~ I change them into their PJs. These Cat & Jack Sleep N’ Play are my FAVORITE!!! Why? I sorta kinda struggle with snaps at 3 AM and these super awesome pajamas zip from the bottom up. Changing a diaper, in my case two, is a snap..or should I say zip. That was a joke;) They come in three-packs and only 16.99 for the three! Deal!  They come in very cute prints and wash well. Here is the link for the pink set the girls are wearing and here is the neutral set, which I have and a cute set in blues.

~ We read the same book…Every. Single.Night. The Going To Bed Book by Sandra Boynton. It’s short yet long enough, it rhymes which babies love, and the subject matter fits the occasion. I have it memorized because I have read it 10,000 times. I was a nanny for 17 years. Spoiler alert- there is a great plot twist. The animals exercise in their PJs! Crazy. 

~ Nobody likes this except my girls. I sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as we cuddle. I have a terrible voice! I know the words and again fits the occasion. Thank god six-month olds don’t judge your singing ability. 

~ I feed my loves. I use Avent Natural Bottle. I also like Dr. Brown but I found all the part a bit daunting having to wash twice as many bottles so I went with Avent. I have been pretty happy with my decision. 

 I am sure things will change, and we will have to make  adjustments as the girls grow but so far it has been a beautiful calm way to end our day. What is your bed time routine? Has it helped to get your little one to sleep? 


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