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    Well, hello there!!  Long time no see. “Where the heck have you been, and what have you been up to Nickie?” you say.  Well, a few trips, fun with friends but – honestly - mostly totally depressed and throwing a major pity party.  When throwing a pity party, you should include the following: 

                -Hours of Netflix. Watch to the point of reaching the end of Netflix.
                -Eat a ton of food super unhealthy food: think nachos, pizza, cookies, anything that’s fried. If it makes your feel like crap, eat it. The goal is to gain a few so you have an another reason to feel sorry for your self. 
                -Have a super grumpy attitude about most everything.

    Basically I have been a super treat to be around the last couple months (okay maybe years, just ask my husband ;) You see, last March we implanted an embryo and no-go. Serious let down.  We had used an egg donor for the first time as my eggs have loads of genetic issues.  While we thought we had a sure bet, we lost, and after two years of “trying:” four miscarriages and three cycles of IVF…I am such a hormonal mess!!!  

    So what’s next? On a much more positive note: BACK AT IT.  THAT’S WHAT.  GRRR!  On May 22 we are implanting TWO (holy crap we could have twins) embryos.  So to sum it up, I need to get my sh*t together.  I need to feel good, have a positive attitude, and get healthy all while pumping a crazy level of hormones into my body and here is my plan:

1.      Continue going to therapy. To be honest fertility issues can be a very emotional period in one’s life and can have an impact on one’s day to day life and relationship. It’s kinda nice having someone that I can say some totally-off-my-rocker- nut- job thing to and still always looks at me understanding-which is so nice!
2.      Workout. Twice a week I attend a class with PUSH Dynamic Training with Scott Samuels.  I push myself harder then I ever have in this class and feel like I have some power and control concerning my body…IVF has put me in a very out of control place when it comes to my body, and this class has given some of that back.  I am getting stronger!  I started taking yoga again, and I can’t help but think, “Why did I stop? My mind/body and posture needs this!” 
3.      Sticking to my anti-inflammatory diet. God, I feel better already. 
4.      Listen to podcasts. That sounds crazy, but it helps me get out of my own head. I love Serial, Embedded, Stuff You Should Know.  If you have any suggestions I’m all ears! 
5.      Acupuncture. My doctor recommends it, and I think it helps on so many levels-not to mention it is the most relaxing thing ever.  I fall asleep every time! 
6.      Blogging. I love doing this. That’s reason enough! 

    Well there you go. NOW I’M BACK – not just getting my life back on track, but with the blog.  I hope you missed me.  Oh, the outfit ..I almost forgot.  I bought this dress in Vancouver a couple weeks ago, at ZARA, in between stuffing my face with oysters.  It screamed Chanel so it quickly became mine!  Have a wonderful day, and thank you for reading. 

 Dress ZARA | Shoes Chanel | Bag Kate Spade Similar Here | Sunglasses Prada 


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