Confession: I do not play tennis. I do get exercise, but I am more of a spin/yoga girl these days. Any sport that involves throwing, catching, hitting, or running after a ball is not for me. It gives me a mini panic attack if someone yells "here catch!!!" - watch me run the other direction or scream "NO!!!" as I cover my face with my hands and bend into a upright fetal position. 

     With all of this said...I can still look the part!

I originally bought these shoes to wear to Disneyland last week, and boy, they were a life saver (we walked 10 miles a day), but I find they are great for running errands or walking into town with Arthur (our fur baby) and Shaun for dinner.  I must add I have gotten a few compliments!

On a personal note: If you follow me on Instagram you already know I am heading into a cycle of IVF. I have for the past month been in a prepping cycle, and we start injections in a week. This is my second try with IVF. The last one I did not respond to (we got one little egg), and with a new doctor and protocol, we are feeling very hopeful! The plan is to do two rounds of IVF.  Then, hopefully, implant healthy embryos late Summer/early Fall. So please send some happy thoughts and prayers our way. And if I start to look a little worn out and grumpy you know why;)


Dress LACOSTE | Shoes Nike | Bag Target | Sunnies Ray-Ban |

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