Gift Guide For The Littles

Here are a few gift ideas sure to please the littles. My son Ronin begs every time it rains to jump in the puddles, Hunters are not only stylish but functional as well! And what little girl wouldn't love an American Girl Doll? The favorite in our family is Kit Kitteridge. My daughter Taylor is in high school now, but she spent countless hours dressing Kit up and learning about America in the 1930's. Take good care of it and you can pass it down to a dear friend's daughter like we did.  Have you played the Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel game? Aside from being fun, it's really cute. My sister Nickie and I grew up reading Beatrix Potter books, so when I saw that my love of plaid and the art of Peter Rabbit's beautiful water colors came together in a beautiful blanket, I couldn't resist this throw that would be gorgeous out on a stroll on a baby's pram. The countdown is on... Happy Shopping!



  1. I'm always looking for new game ideas (one can only handle so many rounds of Go Fish, Candyland & Memory)--this Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel game looks cute & fun!

    1. Nickie bought it to keep around for when kids are visiting. It's nice to find a simple game for the younger kids and add it to the rotation of the same ol', same ol'. When you get the card to go all the way back to beginning of Candyland you scream inside NOOOOOOO! LOL I need this game in my house!


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