What I Fancy...Thanksgiving Essentials

During our childhood, our Mom and her three sister's took turns hosting holidays. Then as all of us kids grew, as well as our family sizes, our Mom (we call her Momma) hosted for our immediate family. The past few years my sister and I have started rotating with our mom Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here is a couple of items we now find essential and a few new pretties to help make your holiday special.
Ina Garten's Make It Ahead- Instead of making everything the day of, make your day a little easier by preparing some of your menu ahead of time with Ina's recipes that never fail.

Target Threshold Measuring cups-If you're going to be measuring all day, it may as well be stylish! Copper is making a come back.

OXO Fat Separator-So essential for perfect gravy.

Williams Sonoma Brine Bag Set & Brine-I can't tell you what a difference these items make for your bird. I used to use a large (clean) Home Depot bucket that took up too much room in my garage fridge. This bag works! And the Apple Brine is a must. It makes a juicy, flavorful bird.

Berard Olive Wood Spoon-A wooden spoon (or many) should be in every home chef's kitchen. Perfect for stirring the gravy as it thickens while scraping up the bits at the bottom of the pan.

West Elms Birds of a feather salt & pepper shakers-How adorable are these?

Martha Stewart Roasting Pan-I personally use a roasting pan from my Great Aunt that was made in 1911. But a great, heavy pan at a great price like this is essential.

Staub pie dish-Once dining at a fine French restaurant I noticed they use Staub. If they use it, so should I.

Crate & Barrel Linen apron with leather ties-Spending the holiday in the kitchen? You may as well look like a pro in this classic apron!

What are your essential Thanksgiving tools?


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