Nickie's Birthday Wish List

This coming Sunday is my Birthday. Yay!! Shaun is taking me to Chicago. Yay! I'm turning 41. Boo. Okay, I'm kidding..well a little. There seems to be some good with aging. It sounds like a cliche, but I do feel wiser. I would say my ability to understand 'who' people are (myself included) and why they do what they do has increased greatly over the past couple years which gives one patience for others and one's self. I am far more at ease with the person I am. I find it so much easier to necessarily not 'fit in'. Challenges of getting older you ask? 
I am not crazy about:
1. Needing glasses to read. 
2. Working harder to stay thin. 
3. Having to spend a small fortune on skin care. 
I suppose it's been a fair trade off having to work harder on my looks for wisdom. So happy birthday to me. I'm turning 41, yay!


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