What I Fancy....Plaid

It's no secret I love plaid. And not just the holidays, I love it all year long! A small glimpse to show you my appreciation of plaid, a few of the pieces adorned on my wall in the living room. I will never stop buying plaid! It's a timeless, rich, classic print that will never go out of style and I love that it reflects my UK roots (along with many other roots, my sister and I are mutts)!

I think one of the reasons I am so drawn to Fall and Winter is that it is the time plaid shows up in retail. Clothing, holiday decor..It exudes a warm cozy feeling. So this time of year, I can go crazy and add to my growing collection, fashion AND decor. Here is just a SMIDGE of what I am coveting right now...

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Sweetest Regards, Jessica


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