Fall Beauty

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Happy Monday everyone! Well it's finally starting to feel like Fall here in the Bay Area..kinda. Its nice and cool in the morning and its now warm during the day(like 72)rather then hot. Shaun and I actually used the fireplace(it's gas)last week. Only to turn it off realizing twenty minutes later it is not that cold outside and we would soon end up in short. Anyways the change in the season got me thinking about sprucing up my makeup drawer. This Fall I am all about a matte lip in a rich color paired with a graphic ,yet simple, eye. Both products above should make this look easy to active. Are we excited about Tory Burch's venture into the beauty market? I am! The perfume's fragrance is heavenly and the bottle is beyond stylish. On the practical side may I suggest a few hydrated products. My skin feels the change in the weather first so I need to step up the moisturizing by adding a oil after bathing and please try my homemade mask:) Your skin will thank you. Have a wonderful week!

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