Insta Weekend! August 17th-18th '13

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Well, the weekend in Napa was just as fabulous as I thought it would be! Starting with a delish brunch at French Blue, all three of us ladies couldn't resist the Cheddar Biscuit Egg Sandwich with Strawberry Bellinis's. Followed by some light shopping where I just had to add the book, 'What would Audrey Do', to the rest of my Audrey Hepburn book collection. Next on the agenda....Duckhorn for wine!!! Later that evening we dined at the well known Ad Hoc restaurant by Thomas Keller. We enjoyed the scrumptious family style meal that included a fresh salad with ingredients straight from the French Laundry garden. Alas, the weekend had to come to a close and once again, we crossed the foggy Golden Gate Bridge towards home. But before the night end my hubby and I, being Silicon Valley natives, had to catch the new Ashton Kutcher movie, JOBS. Interesting watch!


  1. Loved Ad Hoc...Ashton Kutcher got rave reviews for his portrayal of Jobs. Movie didn't fare as well. What did you think?

    1. Loved Ad Hoc as well, hoping to dine at French Laundry in November for my birthday!! I felt Mr. Kutcher did a fabulous job and found the movie to be very interesting having grown up only a few miles from Apple. It's such a huge part of the valleys history. With that said...there seem to be a few "holes" in the story line(we left with many questions, thank god for google)...outside of Ashton Kutcher's performance the movie felt a little flat to me... but I am not a movie critic:)


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